Saturday, July 22, 2017

Monday, July 17, 2017

Busy as Muskrats

I was lucky enough to catch these guys working on their lodge today.


Thursday, July 13, 2017


Tyler had his first in-car earlier this week. Thought the license plate was cute.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Softball, Semis, and Samples

Sadly we now have more weeks of summer break behind us than before us. Since I last posted, Tyler went diving with Ron's parents and had a great time. I'm still waiting to see pictures. We celebrated the 4th of July. Danielle played lots of softball.

Her tournament last weekend was near Amish country.  On Friday there was a semi truck parade just down the street from the ball fields. It was held by Transport for Christ.  Around 250 trucks gathered in town to blare their horns and rumble their engines for awhile. The noise was amazing. All the trucks were polished and shiny. A lot of Amish came to watch. After all the noise making, the trucks paraded to a nearby campground where they had a devotional. It was a peculiar sight, and unfortunately my cell phone pictures didn't accurately capture all the commotion. It was fun to watch it all.

Danielle's team was knocked out of the tournament early enough on Saturday that we had time to explore a little before making the long trek home. We checked out Lehman's Hardware, which was its own little circus of sorts. People everywhere. Samples everywhere. People everywhere grabbing samples. As Ron said, there were all kinds of "uni-tools" there. So many gadgets with only a single purpose. The only thing we purchased was a sample size cup of homemade ice cream for $1. The free sample was just a spoonful, and Danielle felt she needed just a little more to truly sample it.
These 3d wood carvings were in the ice cream sampling room. They were amazing.

When we were done there we drove through Amish country to Heini's. We enjoyed seeing the children out playing and the lines of laundry blowing in the breeze. It was pretty countryside. Heini's makes cheese. The factory part was not operating when we were there, but there was plenty of cheese to sample. I've never seen anything like it. There were long display cases of all kinds of cheese and cheese products and bowls of samples with each new item. And there was an even longer line of people waiting to sample everything.

See how the line wraps around the entire room??
The baskets were handmade by a local Amish family. The age of the person who made it was on the bottom.  They were neat to look at while we waited, but we didn't buy one. We did find a nice one made by a 5 year old.

Lots of samples

So many odd flavors of cheese.

They also had flavored cream cheeses and fudge made from cream cheese. This was rainbow sherbet fudge. It had the taste of rainbow sherbet but the texture of fudge. I wasn't a fan of any of the cheese fudges.

There were sausage and jerky samples, too.

We bought some cheese and some kettle corn to take home. We discovered that gouda is very good. We had it on some homemade burgers yesterday. It was very flavorful.

One other culinary highlight of the weekend was discovering a wonderful local bakery. It wasn't Amish but it was delicious!
Snicker brownie, chocolate cow, chocolate peanut butter buckeye, and banana split.

We had a good time. I just wish Tyler had enjoyed it all with us. He had just gotten home from his diving trip and didn't want to spend another night in a hotel. He was a fan of the cupcakes we brought home, though.

Friday, June 30, 2017




Danielle took this one.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer, Week 4

Hard to believe we're already a month into our summer break. After July 4th, the rest of the time will fly by.

Last week Danielle and I went to the park a couple different times to look for frogs or whatever else we could find.
Danielle stood in this spot, looked at this building and found 2 tree frogs. She just has a knack for these things. The picture is a little pixelated because it's a cell phone picture, but see if you can find them.

We went while it was raining one day and found this big bullfrog.

Tyler drove us to another park one day, where the three of us enjoyed a picnic lunch and a little exploring.
We took the long way back and enjoyed the countryside. I love the farmland around us.

We spent some time together at the water park. The kids talked me into riding one of the water slides with them, and I lived to tell the tale. Tyler splurged on large Icees for the 2 of them.

Of course, we had more softball. Danielle's regular team had the weekend off, but her old team needed a sub for a weekend tournament. She enjoyed getting to play for her old coach and with some of the girls from last year. She played short stop, which she rarely plays, and did a great job. I only took cell phone pictures this week. The 2nd & 3rd pictures are from a friend.

We had a really good time fishing on Sunday afternoon/evening. The humidity dropped way off and the temperatures were a little cooler than usual, making it the perfect day to sit outside and cast a line! It was pretty windy, though, so we were a little limited in location. We wanted to fish in the lake, but it was too rough. We settled for this pretty little pond. We all caught multiple fish, but they were really small. Danielle caught the most. We tried a new-to-us Mexican restaurant for a late dinner before calling it a day. Tyler drove all the way there, around the lake & dam, to dinner, and home. He did a great job. We had a really nice day together.

Tyler doing some dam driving.

The fish were tiny anyway, but they both managed to turn sideways when I took the picture, making them look pretty much nonexistent!

It was a good week.

(Both tree frogs are above the door. One is at the top left, and the other is right behind the light.)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017