Friday, November 25, 2016

Some Parade Pictures

Tyler is the first person from the left in the 2nd row.

This was a HS band from Alabama. They were huge!

Everyone yelled "spin it" when a balloon went by. Most of the time the handlers would oblige and run around in a circle to spin the balloon.

The cheerleaders' routine looked really neat from above.

They pulled people from the crowd to fill this float.

Mailmen were collecting letters to Santa.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

First Freeze

This was a couple days ago. I guess the lantana are officially done blooming now. :( I saw a dark eyed junco today, which is a winter visitor for us. Despite the fact it's in the 60s today, there's a chance of snow flurries this weekend. I guess he's right on time.

A Walk in the Park (continued)

I didn't get many good pictures of "nature" when we went out, but I did get a couple of Danielle that I liked. I posted a black and white one a few days ago. Although we saw a flock of turkeys, neither of us got a picture. I got a picture of one of the bucks we saw, which I posted yesterday, but we saw several other deer. I saw a red-headed woodpecker. I haven't seen one of those in a couple years. We also saw an albino squirrel. I've seen one at this park before. I'm kind of surprised it's managed to stay alive as long as it has. We also saw several whining children. Thankfully they were walking back towards the cars as we were heading to the trail! Before we left we had a nice view of the rising supermoon. The picture didn't turn out too badly considering I didn't have my tripod!

Monday, November 14, 2016

A Walk in the Park

The weather here has not seemed at all like typical mid-November weather. Saturday was another beautiful day, and Danielle wanted to go to the park to take pictures. The park, with my daughter, on a warm sunny day, taking pictures. How could I pass that up??

We went out about 90 minutes before sunset. We hoped the park would be a little less crowded. The lighting is better for photos around that time of day, too. Danielle has always looked at the world a little differently. It's fun to put a camera in her hands and see what happens. Here are my favorites of the pictures she took.

This is my picture. This is what I was taking a picture of in the picture she took of me.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

One More Time Concert

Last week the marching band had a "One More Time" concert for the parents since football season is officially over for us. The kids played in the high school gym, which was a unique experience for those of us watching. We've only heard them play as they've been spread across the football field. The sound was amazing when they were all grouped together in one room. They played every song they've played at some point during the season, even the ones they played back in August but retired from the show, and they did it all from memory. I think sound recordings of things like this always sound a bit off, but believe me, they are exceptional. The kids seemed to have a good time, and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to hear them one more time.


They will be marching in the Philadelphia ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving. It's the oldest parade in the nation. They had to apply and send in audition tapes to be considered. It is televised, so skip the Macy's parade and watch this one instead! They are going to New York City when they are done in the parade. The choir will be performing at some point there. They will be doing some site seeing and taking in a show, too. I will miss having Tyler with us for Thanksgiving, but I'm excited at the opportunity he has.