Friday, June 22, 2018

A "Walk" in the Park

Sometimes Danielle will go with me to the park to look for tree frogs. Sometimes Tyler will go with me. The other day I managed to talk both kids into going with me. Of course, once I was there I wondered at the wisdom in that. It is much more peaceful by myself.

At one point I was behind the kids while we were walking on the boardwalk, so I thought I would get a nice picture of the two of them walking together. Even at 16 and 14, that's nearly impossible. Finally I said "I just want one nice picture of the two of you together." Tyler said, "What? Should we hold hands and skip?" and then grabbed Danielle's hand and they skipped off. They thought it was funny that I took a picture of that. Sometimes you have to settle.

And sometimes you get lucky.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Walk in the Park

I've been able to enjoy some time at the park this summer. Usually I go by myself. Sometimes I get lucky and no one else is there. Then it feels like I have a really big backyard all to myself. A lot of times I go just so I can walk. When I do that, I don't usually take my camera because it weighs a lot! I have managed to get a few pictures, though. Here are some of them.



Monday, June 18, 2018

Sometimes You Get the Shot...

...And sometimes you don't. There was another litter of foxes under the building by the school again this year. They were much more elusive than last year's litter, though. Despite multiple attempts and sitting quietly in the same spot for long periods of time, this is the best (and only) picture I could get. It's cute, but not exactly what I was hoping for. Oh well, maybe next year. :)

Summer Fun

The week after school was out, Danielle went to Washington DC with her 8th grade class. She got to room, ride the bus, and walk around with her 3 best friends. They pack a lot into those 4 days, and she had a really good time. I think she most enjoyed lunch and dancing (or watching everyone dance) on the river cruise they took on the last day before driving back. 

Ron was in Canada for business the same time Danielle was gone, so it was just Tyler and I. We loaded up the bikes and hit the trail a couple times while they were gone. I tried to make his favorites for dinner that week, too. It was nice to spend some time with him. He was supposed to march in the Memorial Day parade right after school, but he was sick. He did get his music letter before school was out, though.

Monday, May 28, 2018

The End

We made it! We are done with school for the summer. There's nothing quite like that feeling of pulling that kitchen door shut on the last day and walking out into the sunshine. :) Here are the kids on the first and last days of school. Danielle had a pool party on the last day. It was a perfect day for it, and she had a lot of fun.

Danielle had an awards assembly earlier in the week. This is her award for all As all year. I'm convinced it will send her into a panic attack the first time she gets a B. She works very hard.

I keep trying to talk the kids out of our traditional school's out water balloon fight, but they are both very set on having it. Tyler and I have quite the disadvantage with the water balloons. Not only can Danielle throw far, she can throw accurately. She also likes to catch our balloons so they don't pop and then throws them back at us. I think going out for ice cream would be much more fun for all of us, but the kids are insistent on the balloons.

Hooray for summer!!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Winding Down

We are so very close to the end of the school year. It seems like it was just Christmas, so I don't know how it's almost the end of May.

Even my produce was happy about the end being in sight. (This was last week. We have even less days now!)

School softball is over, and it was a success. Danielle lead the team in batting average, on base percentage and stolen bases. Of course, the 1 game Ron's parents came to see was by far her worst game and the only game her team lost in 2 years! But that's the way it goes sometimes. Despite the horrible weather, we managed to get in 19 games this season. The team ended with a 2 year record of 38-1. It's probably a good thing we're moving on to high school ball now. None of the jr. high teams want to play us. On a side note, we did find out that the one team that beat us was cheating with their batting order. They kept batting 2 of their best batters out of order so they were up much more frequently than they should have been. When our bookkeeper called them out, they said there was a mistake because some of the girls were wearing sweatshirts originally and had taken them off, showing a different number than what was in the lineup. We didn't play well that game, but it stings a bit that the other team cheated to get the advantage. Anyhow, 38-1 is pretty darn good. Thanks to my parents & Uncle Ron for coming to watch, too. Hopefully high school ball will be even more exciting next year!

Last Friday was the last jr. high dance of the season. Our high school only has 2 dances a year - homecoming and prom - and homecoming is the only one open to all the grades. Neither of those are informal, either. Danielle isn't really a dancer, but she enjoys hanging out with her friends. Hard to tell what next year will bring, but she certainly enjoyed the school dances these past 2 years. The theme for this dance was red, white, and blue.

Tyler had a band concert. They sounded amazing. He also had an awards night for band. He received a certificate, service bar, and his music letter. I didn't realize he'd get his music letter this year, so that was a nice surprise. They didn't receive the letters in time to hand them out at the awards night, so I'll include a picture of that when he finally gets it. Tyler works hard at band. He puts a lot of time and effort into it, and I love listening to him play. I'm proud of him for working so hard.

Danielle had a couple pieces of artwork in the art fair. This is her cat. I'm eager to see what she does in the HS art classes.

I have 4 more days of school lunches. Tyler has 1 regular day and then 3 days of exams. Danielle has an algebra exam, an awards ceremony, an all school picnic, and a last day of school pool party for the 8th graders. We've almost made it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Happy (Belated) Mother's Day!

I had a nice Mother's Day on Sunday. The kids humored me with a picture together before church.

After church we went to the Olive Garden, which has become a tasty Mother's Day tradition. It was nice to spend time together for a little while.

We also went to the garden center to buy flowers, along with most every other mother in a 50 mile radius. That's all part of the experience. I got a few flowers that I wanted, and the kids each picked me out a hanging basket. They both picked baskets of pansies this year, and they're so pretty. Every time I look out and see them on my patio, they make me feel happy. Pansies are a happy flower. :) I also got cards from the kids, but this year, Ron gave the kids some cash and told Tyler to drive him and his sister to the store. I won't lie, that's pretty convenient. Danielle also made me a card.

Tyler also straightened up a little for me. This kid knows the real way to a mother's heart.
It was a good day together.

Sunday, May 06, 2018


Tyler went to prom last Saturday. The girl who asked him is a junior, so he was able to go even though he's a sophomore. Prom was held at a nearby restaurant, which I thought was nice. The tickets included dinner before hand. I like that they didn't have to drive multiple places or worry about reservations, etc. Caitlin is the catcher for the varsity softball team. She and Tyler are in the same honors chemistry class, but we knew her through softball first. It was a little odd to see her in a dress as opposed to softball pants and eye black, but she looked very pretty. Tyler had a really nice time.

This was her official "promposal". Seems so complicated now, but she did a nice job keeping it low key.
(Danielle took this one)

(And this one)

It was deceptively chilly!!

(Danielle also took this one. It's my favorite.)