Monday, July 25, 2016

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sandy Fun

Danielle really wanted to play beach volleyball this summer but she didn't because she knew it would conflict with her softball commitments. Her friend needed a sub for her beach volleyball partner tonight, and since Danielle was free, she got to play! She's never played before, and it is much different than playing inside on a regular court. It took her a few minutes to get the hang of it, but she did great. They won 2 games and lost 2 games. I'm thankful she had the chance to try it out. The girls had a lot of fun together.

Here are a few very short video clips. Danielle is on the far side serving the ball in this first one.


Danielle is on the closest side & to the left in this one.

Danielle is serving the ball in these next 2 videos. They didn't win the point in the last video, but I love how much she hustles. This is why she's so fun to watch. She always gives it her all.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Marching Along

Summer keeps marching along. Today I took Tyler to be fitted for his band uniform. I can't believe he's going to be in high school in less than a month. I'm not sure it's sunk in for him either. The first half time performance is in just a little over a month - on August 26. He has a lot of work to do between now and then! I'm looking forward to watching him meet the challenge.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

This Weekend's Tournament

Danielle's team played 2 games yesterday and surprised us all by pulling off a win in the 2nd game, so they went on to play this morning. Her team is struggling, but Danielle had a very good weekend. She led her team in batting average and on base percentage. She ends up with the highest batting average or very close to it in almost every tournament we're in. When you look at our team, you wouldn't expect her to be at the top because she's so small, but she's quick. She had 14 at bats over the course of this weekend and got on base 10 times. We played some really good teams with fast pitchers, and she did a great job keeping up. She played centerfield most of the weekend and had some great plays. She really is a good fielder. And she is so fast. I love to watch her run.
We were playing the #4th ranked team in the state. She had 2 great hits.

Safe by a mile.

Leaping catch for the out.

Our last game today was pretty tough. Danielle was attempting to steal home but the catcher from the other team stood right on the baseline, blocking the plate. The girl was twice Danielle's size. Danielle was mid slide when the catcher got the ball and swung around to tag Danielle...which she didn't really need to do because she was already blocking the plate! She hit Danielle in the chin pretty hard and knocked her down. Danielle may be little, but she is tough. She doesn't cry when she gets hit by the ball, and she doesn't stay down when she falls. Which is why it was super scary to see her sprawled out on home plate. She couldn't get up, and both teams' coaches and umps were immediately over her to be sure she was ok. I will admit that Ron and I left our seats and stood at the fence, too. (We didn't go on the field.) After a couple minutes she caught her breath and was able to get up. There were tears, but she didn't sit down and cry about it. The next batter got the 3rd out, and she was right back out in the field, wiping her eyes while she raced to make a play. She bruised her chin pretty good and has a scratch over her eye, but she is fine. It could have been much worse, and we are so thankful it wasn't. She amazes me. They play in the championship game for their weekly league tomorrow night.

Friday, July 15, 2016

More Lazy Summer Days

Lazy summer days are the best. Or so I've heard. After volleyball open gym Wednesday morning, we picked Grandpa C up at work and took him to lunch as an early birthday celebration. It was nice to spend time with just him.

That evening Danielle's team played in the semi-final game for their weekly league. Tyler joined me, which was really nice. They won, so they play the championship game on Monday.

Clara had a checkup Thursday afternoon. She's healthy and happy. Danielle had softball practice and a hitting lesson that evening. Our commute to the softball field is always during rush hour and it is a pain in the butt. It was raining last night, so of course that made it even worse. People are not very courteous drivers any more. I lost count of the number of times I was cut off because people didn't want to wait their turn in the long line of traffic.

Today Danielle had 2 softball games for this weekend's tournament. She wasn't feeling very well but wanted to play, so we did the motrin/Tylenol every 2 hours trick and that helped. Some parents medicate their children to send them off to daycare or school, but we do it for softball. (We just stay home from school!!) Tonight she played a team that had her assistant coach from last year and several girls that she knew on it. She really wanted to be there for that game. We lost, but Danielle had a great game. She got on base every at bat, stole some bases, scored twice, and had 2 great plays in the field. Between the games we wasted time in the air conditioning at Burger King and Petland. The puppy kisses helped her feel better. :) After her games tonight, we met Grandma & Grandpa C & Tyler for dinner since today is Grandpa's actual birthday.

Danielle with her friends from the opposing team...and another friend who stayed after her game to cheer them all on.

Ron was in Canada this week. He was supposed to be home yesterday morning, but his flight was cancelled. Then the rescheduled flight was cancelled. And then the next rescheduled flight was cancelled. Seriously. He finally got home after 8pm tonight.

Tomorrow we have a couple more softball games and then I think we'll have Sunday off. Next week's schedule looks about the same. I think Tyler is going to an amusement park with Uncle Ron to experience some big roller coasters. We're trying to let him have as much time at home as he wants to do what he wants because he's been gone so much and band camp is coming up soon. That goes all day every day for the 2 weeks before school starts, so "so long" summer once August 1 hits!

We've seen a lot of beautiful sunsets this week as we've been out and about. I've asked Danielle to take pictures of them as we drive home, but I always manage to find an extra selfie or two, too.

We do enjoy our summer days, but they are anything but lazy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Water Park Fun

Today we slept in and then went to the water park later in the day. It was 90 today, so it was a perfect water park day. Since we went later in the day, it wasn't overly crowded. This is only the 2nd time Tyler has had time to go this summer. We stayed until the park closed, then came home and ate pizza while watching a movie. It was a pretty nice summer day.

I remember when Tyler was still in diapers, before Danielle came along, and we would go to the water park. I'd grab a tube, sit him on the edge so his feet dipped into the water, and then float around the lazy river. The park has changed hands, been renamed, and totally redesigned, but it still holds happy summer memories for us.


Softball & Pokemons

Last night Danielle's softball team started tournament play for the weekly league they are in. Tyler came to watch. Since Danielle had to be there an hour and a half before the game actually started and because it was so hot just sitting at the field watching the girls warm up, I drove Tyler around in the air conditioned van while he searched for all the pokemons in the area. It was definitely a good way to pass a little extra time.

We ran across several other people that were doing the exact same thing. I'm glad Tyler & his friends aren't driving yet because I can see how it could be very distracting to be playing that game while driving around, especially if you are an inexperienced driver. He wants to ride his bike around town at home to look for them sometime. This could be a good way to get a little exercise without thinking much about it. This could also be a good way to use up our data plan! It kind of reminds me a little of geocaching.

Danielle's team won their game, so they move on to the semi-final game on Wednesday night. Here is Danielle hitting a nice ball over 3rd into the grass, right on the foul line, which is exactly where she's supposed to put it. You'll have to take my word for where it went because I did a poor job capturing it! She should have had a double but her 1st base coach told her to wait. You can hear the 3rd base coach telling her she should have gone because she's fast enough. She is. She should have gotten the double, but you do what your coaches tell you and the one right next to her told her to stay. Maybe next time. The 2nd video is of her stealing 2nd on the very next pitch. Sometimes we play teams that make it more challenging for Danielle to steal, but she was too fast for this catcher. It's fun when it's close because 99% of the time she still beats the ball to the base. When we practice pickles at practice, no one can tag her out. It was like that on our other team, too, and she loves it. I like it when she has to slide. :)


After her game, the 3 of us had a late dinner at Steak & Shake. I think the pokemon wanted a milkshake, too.